What Brings You Joy?

Feed Your Soul

March 25, 2020

Posted: March 25, 2020

Marie Kondo - Does it spark joy?

It was my first week starting a new job at a new company. I was meeting with a wide variety of colleagues, partners, stakeholders and more. Out of those numerous meetings one question stood out.

What feeds your soul?

I was asked this question pointedly as our conversation was wrapping up. Initially, my split second inner monologue was “Oh, shit! I’m working with some new age hippie.” Taking a beat and trying to give the benefit of doubt it dawned on me, “wait, they’re asking me what brings me joy in my life outside of work.” That was a candid, introspective, existential question that resonated with me. Outside of the usual of family and friends have you truly asked yourself what matters most and brings you joy?

During such times of flux, ambiguity, stress, and anxiety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, now it’s more important than ever to feed your soul. If you don’t know already, find out what brings you joy, embrace it, and exercise it regularly. You will be in such a better psychological headspace. Your family, friends, kids, roommate, pet, neighbor, co-worker, etc. will notice it makes you a better person overall.

To this day I still always make it a point to periodically ask colleagues in 1:1s what they’re doing to feed their soul. It doesn’t matter what it is - cooking, board games, painting, surfing, music, pottery, writing, running, video games, yodeling in the shower, skateboarding in a panda costume - find what brings you joy and feed your soul! The world will be a better place for it.