Free Yourself From Meetings

March 2, 2019

Posted: March 2, 2019

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Corporate America and many workplaces in general run rampant with a culture of meetings.

Rather than generating busy work it’s more important to focus on your ability to positively affect the outcome of your organization, whatever it may be, rather than the output of said busy work. Busy does not necessarily mean you’re being productive.

Next time you receive a meeting invite ask yourself these questions to determine the effectiveness and overall value-add of your attendance at the meeting.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings - Ask Yourself:

  1. Is this meeting necessary, at all? Can you solve it over slack or a quick hallway conversation?
  2. Is this meeting really urgent? Can it wait until next week? Chances are it can.
  3. Can I provide value-add to this meeting, or is there a better resource? Politely decline and/or recommend someone else
  4. Am I getting pressure to attend meetings that you feel do not have merit? Reach out to your manager for assistance.

Enjoy the productivity.