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August 26, 2018

Posted: August 26, 2018

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Every so often I get an inquiry from colleagues, friends, or family about what I am listening to. Although it does rotate and evolve, I do have a relatively steady listening diet of podcasts.

By no means is this a comprehensive list of what’s out there, but it does provide a good foundational mix for me in technology, business, infosec and more. Let me know what recommendations you have.


In no particular order other than general categories


  • Darknet Diaries: Fascinating true stories from the dark side of the Internet
  • Hackable?: Hear and learn how various domains are hackable from drone denial of service to cloning of RF signals for auto theft.
  • Security Now: Steve Gibson covers the latest infosec news while exploring and going deep into various technologies, protocols, designs and more
  • Defensive Security Podcast: Cyber security podcast covering the latest infosec news on breaches and strategies for defense.

Startups & Businesses

  • Masters of Scale: Host Reid Hoffman interviews some of the biggest names in business and tech to learn how founders grew their companies from zero to amazing
  • Dear HBR: Useful advice for workplace dilemmas
  • Indie Hackers: Conversations with founders behind profitable online businesses
  • Planet Money: NPR provides candid news on the state of the global economy combined with interesting interviews surrounding market impacts to business & society

Software, Tech, Privacy

  • Software Engineering Radio: An educational resource on software development: processes, design, architecture, and more,
  • Software Engineering Daily: Go deep on software development, products, and services
  • The Changelog: Informative and interesting interviews with hackers, leaders & innovators surrounding software development
  • The Arhitecht Show: Software Architecture & Technology discussions with great interviews to boot
  • A16z: Andreessen Horowtiz discusses tech, culture trends, news and the future
  • Techstuff: Various technologies, company origins, and more discussed in depth of the “how”
  • Note to Self: Manoush Zomorodi questions and challenges our reliance on technology, the value-add it provides, and our privacy - for the better.

Mind Expanding aka Brain Food

  • Hidden Brain: Shankar Vedantam helps curious people understand the world - and themselves
  • Crazy Genius: Big questions and provocative conclusions about technology and culture
  • Ted Talks Daily: Talks range from how to reduce poverty to bracing for the upcoming Singularity. Rarely does it disappoint.
  • Make Me Smart: It rose from NPR’s MarketPlace. “B/c none of us is as smart as all of us”
  • Stuff You Should Know: Fascinating topics that take you from the surface of the information into the depths of knowledge

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