Women in Tech on Twitter

February 10, 2019

Posted: February 10, 2019

Twitter Logo with Silhouette of Womon Working on Computer

Every so often on Twitter and occasionally in person, I come across the inquiry from folks in search of recommendations for women to follow on Twitter.

Twitter can be a fire hose of noise, but there is some great signal in there too provided from some fantastic, leading, prominent women in technology.

When I use the word technology I am using this as a blanket term to cover several domains such as: software engineering, software architecture, computer science R&D, distributed systems, tech evangelism, conference coordinators, information security (pentesting, vulnerability research, malware, reverse eng., app sec, etc.), journalist, and tech. entrepreneurs. It is a massive industry with a wealth of opportunities and amazing contributors including, but not limited, to these diverse, talented, experienced, intelligent, and interesting individuals. Broaden your horizons and learn something new.

Consolidated via this Twitter List of talented Women in Tech

Please share with me folks I missed or am/was unaware of in the Twitterverse @cjbarkbark